Button Cuffs

Button Leg Warmers
The prototypes of these cuffs and leg warmers are black with buttons. The cuffs are mid-forearm-length and the gaiters go up till the knee.

With the coppery buttons these pieces are wonderful accessories for Steampunk outfits.

I used black wool of the strength 3 – 4 and needles of the strength 4. The buttons I used were sold in a very high quantity for not much money ;-)

The cuffs were so well received that I was asked to make them in different colours and lengths with or without buttons or with silvery buttons. That was how I made some very colourful copies of them and I sold a few, but kept also some brown and grey ones for myself ;-)

Completed: 2009 (Prototypes)

Status: in my Klamottenkiste and I wear them often

Photos: NeedMoreCoffeeMan (2009), Marco (2010)

Button Cuffs and Button Leg WarmersButton Cuffs (Prototypes)Button Cuffs (Prototypes)Variation: green with silvery buttonVariation: short and grey with silvery buttonVariation: short and brown with coppery buttonVariation: brown without buttonVariation: firey red without button but with pompomVeriations with buttonsVariations without buttonsVariation: without button but with bowVariation: without button but with bow

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